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 Is the idea bad by itself, or is it a good idea, but badly applied? The fact is, since it was introduced, a long time ago, a concept of the state has never functioned well and gave more harm than good to the people. Why is every child born as a member of some state, and why we are all legally forced to use certain medium of payment? Should not those two things be a part of freedom of choice? The issue of control over the money supply in any country is a thing around which wars are made since the state exists. Exchange - exchange system - medium of exchange, is the basis of existence of any country, it determines internal and external relationships of every state.

Have you ever tried to ask yourself about the euro or dollar - officially and precisely, what they really are? Yes, monetary units. And what else besides that? Gram of gold, liter of water, a kilo of potatoes, a meter of land, a can of tuna or maybe a certain amount of energy? Do you know whether you are the owner or a debtor of that what you hold in your wallet?

Imagine that tomorrow morning, we wake up in a world where money, which was the source of all evil, has become the source of all good. Who knows what would seem to be indebted to anyone for our lives on this planet; and that there where we are, we arrived only by the force of our own will? Seriously, what would it look like if, instead of the illusion of freedom of choice, we actually had a real choice and if we could get rid of all weights hanging around our necks? How would it feel to become monetary sovereign, financially independent, free, happy and dignified?

Crom Alternative Currency

Crom ethical money is sustainable economic solution of balanced development, compatible with feelings and aspirations of both those who claim to be sovereign living beings and those working on positive changes of state units.

Crom ethical currency is both a measure of value and a value of measure. At the same time it serves as a medium of exchange, unit of account and store of value.

A value that crom, as an econometric symbol, represents is of a real character; it is not based on any form of mutual relationship with financial value of some other currency, but on a specific weight of basket of precious metals. In contrast to currencies whose value is of financial nature, crom's value is defined as a real material quantity and gives high stability on local and global level; it does not distort the flexibility of ways in which common people, organizations, companies and countries can fulfill their obligations.

As such, Crom Alternative Currency satisfies all intrinsic prerogatives of money that has been realized in order to be held in every wallet. All in all, Crom is to be read as a new word for new business. Worth appraisal and exchange system is set in a way that all participants, in order to integrate benefits and available financial resources in the best way possible, can use more combinations trough a single platform and satisfy their life and business needs using instruments with different characteristics and capabilities.

In fact, by spreading the offer that is not meant just for big companies, but for all that are interested in this type of business relations, trough flexibility and constant innovation as a solution for market mutations, via dialogue and pre and post assistance; Crom Alternative Currency System is oriented towards global presence and achievement of common goals – with a great respect towards diversity of local identities and their specific needs, and generally with a great respect towards protection of nature and environment.

Official Exchange Rate

Crom, for now, is changeable to US dollar and Euro, and vice versa. Since the definition of Crom Alternative Currency allows the establishment of relations with any type of medium of exchange, by technical development of worth appraisal and exchange system, crom will become directly changeable to other currencies, too - especially those of a local, alternative and complementary character.

Exchange rate between the crom and the euro or dollar, and vice versa, is calculated on a basis of a variable price expressed in euros or dollars for a basket of precious metals that represent a fix value of 1 crom.

1 Crom = Gold 0.0001634 ozt + Silver 0.01 ozt + Platinum 0.00012462 ozt + Palladium 0.00038096 ozt + Rhodium 0.000085 ozt

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Here's how to quickly, easily and simply calculate the value ratio:

Find the percentage change between the number 5727 and the total sum of prices of 5 precious metal (for example $6000) from above image.
6000 - 5727 / 5727 x 100 = 4,76%
Multiply the number obtained which is 4,76 by 1 dollar, and divide with 100, then add the result to 1 dollar.
4,76 x 1 / 100 + 1 = $1,04
In this currency exchange example, 1 crom = 1,04 dollar.

Within Crom Alternative Currency System, the communication with the Administration on this subject is done through the category labeled "Money Exchange".

Currency Exchange – US Dollar Or Euro Into Crom

Conversion of euros or dollars into crom is called "Incoming money exchange".

Together with the data [An incoming money exchange - my member login name in the Crom Alternative Currency System is:], send the desired amount of dollars or euros in one of the following ways:

- Bank account

OTP banka d.d. - Hrvatska (Croatia, 23000 Zadar, Domovinskog rata 3)
Our name: Udruga Crom Alternativna Razmjena
Account number: 2407000-1100365961
IBAN: HR3024070001100365961


- PayPal

Currency exchange via Paypal.

Our name: Crom Alternative Exchange Association
Our email: 
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


- Moneybookers

Currency exchange via Moneybookers.

Our name: Crom Alternative Exchange Association
Our email:
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Depending on the time it takes for your money to reach the destination, you will then, as soon as possible, receive a payment on your account in the Crom Alternative Currency System labeled "Incoming money exchange".

Currency Exchange - Crom Into US Dollar Or Euro

Conversion of crom into euro or dollar is called "Outgoing money exchange", and functions on a principle of availability of wanted currencies.

In the menu "Account / System Payment", select "Outgoing money exchange" as the type of transaction.

In transaction’s description, specify where and how you wish to receive your money: Bank account, Paypal or Moneybookers. Do not forget to include all relevant information so that we may send you your money in the shortest time period possible and without any difficulties.

"Outgoing money exchange" is a type of transaction for which the authorization of the Administration is required. In practice this means that if a sufficient amount of dollars or euros to cover your request exists within the Crom Currency Exchange, everything takes place as described above. However, if there aren’t enough dollars or euros inside the Crom Currency Exchange, the authorization is rejected and no payment is made.




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